Positive projects for humans and nature!


EKO! is an association housing two programs

both of which promote international solidarity and sustainable development.

Low-technologies with, by and for displaced persons.

Improves the resilience and autonomy of exiled persons while contributing to the sustainable development of the territory, through the dissemination of low-tech know-how and systems and through socio-professional integration via ecological trades.


1 –  Collaborative workshops to discover low-tech know-how


2 – Training to develop low-tech know-how


3 – Accompanying socio-professional insertion towards ecological jobs


4 – Low-tech Makerspaces


5 – Support to the actors of the solidarity and ecological transition of the territory


6 – Diffusion of low-tech systems

Communal housing which is friendly, ecological and centrerd on solidarity.

Develops and supports communcal housing which is friendly, ecological and centrerd on solidarity – places of learning and engaging in lifestyles respectful of both people and the planet, where people come and live together for a common good.


  1. Inspiring and bringing to light wants and desire
  2. Connecting people, putting them in touch with each other and encouraging them to meet
  3. Supporting and providing tools


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