EKO! is an association that promotes positive and innovative projects

in the fields of sustainable development and international solidarity. It promotes development and resilience, on both an individual and collective level, that respects both nature and peoples.

EKO! What is it ?

This word comes from :
From the Esperanto 'eko'

which means “beginning”. The equivalent of “let’s go!” in the language without borders, which resounds as if to give us the tempo for building a resilient and united tomorrow!

From the ancient Greek 'oïkos'

which gave us the words economy and ecology, and which means “house”: because the habitat is a high place of transition, and in echo to this Earth, our common home which we must care of!

A name that embodies our values :

Coherence: Acting globally in a way that is adapted to the interdependence of society’s challenges.


Sobriety: Doing well with little, in a process of resource enhancement and in a vision of humanity integrated with ecosystems.


Empowerment: Strengthen one’s capacities and self-confidence, in order to be an actor in one’s life.


Openness: To be and do with others, towards an enriching diversity of people and ideas.


EKO! was officially born on April 4, 2019, well after its first projects. Ekolok and Low-tech & Refugees actually started in December 2015 and January 2018 respectively.

Thank you to all those who have accompanied this birth since the beginning or who have recently joined the adventure: Committed volunteers, courageous partners and generous donors! Without you, without this incredibly rich eko-system, EKO! and its projects would not be presented hereafter! The adventure is launched!

                            The entire EKO! team